None of that fake talk…

One Way Youth, which includes Grades 6-12, meets the second and fourth Sunday directly after morning worship and then the first and third Friday of each month at 7:30 pm.

It is our desire to see teens in our area find a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, grow in the knowledge of the scriptures, and discover how they can use their talents to reach their generation for Christ. 

Teens today are bombarded with so many temptations and mixed messages from the world. Our desire is that One Way Youth will be a place where they can growth in their faith, find acceptance and support from other Christian teens, and receive guidance from TNCC leaders. We have a strong passion for the next Christian generation of young people, and we don’t believe that any young person should be “sitting on the sidelines”. Our goal is to enable them to serve in the church body by recognizing and utilizing the talents that God has given them. Those youth with musical ability have the chance to do this very thing during our Youth Worship Service on the fifth Sunday of the month, which occurs 4 times a year. Other youth assist in many other areas of service, whether it is working as a youth worker in Kid’s Ministry, helping with media, sound booth or in community outreaches.

Since the meeting location of One Way Youth changes from time to time, please call the church office at (610) 831-1520, or email Pastor Andrew to verify the meeting location.