Secretary & Treasurer / Director of Women's Ministry

Margaret Levins graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in education from the University of Valley Forge in 1987. However, her love of children and for teaching started long before inspired by one of her favorite teachers, Sister Loretta, when she was just 6 years old. Needing some extra help with her school work at the Catholic school she attended, it was arranged for her to have a tutor and so began the daily tutoring sessions with Sister Loretta. It was through these daily sessions that Margaret was not only introduced to the concept of having a personal relationship with Jesus and hearing about His love but also where she developed her love for learning. Sister Loretta not only affirmed her but made learning fun and engaging. The desire to teach with that same inspiration and creativity was planted in those early years and was fostered by many more creative teachers along the way. Margaret has taught children of all ages, teens, and young adults not only as a school teacher but as a Bible instructor as well in both a private school, preschool and day care arena. In addition to her teaching experience, Margaret also worked for 13 years for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and as both a Community Service Officer and as the Coordinator of the Crime Prevention Unit. This work was very rewarding but not nearly as fulfilling as watching the Lord bring restoration and healing into wounded hearts. Having come from a place of brokenness herself, she loves to see women get restored from brokenness and experience a spiritual and emotional rebuilding from the Lord. In her opinion, there is nothing that brings greater joy to the Lord than to turn what the enemy meant for evil and destruction, and see that brokenness now be used for good and His glory. She has had the privilege of being part of that process with numerous women along the way and rejoices every time she sees them “spread their wings” and fly again. Over the years, there have been several people who were instrumental in that process for her. So, she always encourages women to be a part of that process for someone else. Her desire is to see women who have been stunted by trauma, abuse and hurt move past the endless cycle of destructive self-talk/patterns and enter into the divine plan that God has designed specifically for them.

Growing up in an Italian family, Margaret developed a great love for cooking and is a “foodie”! She enjoys trying out new recipes and even taking cooking classes from time to time.  Spending time with family is extremely important to her and she gets great joy from her time with them. She also loves listening to Christian music, studying God’s Word, hiking, oil painting and just about any creative project! A self proclaimed “shutter bug”, one of her favorite things is enjoying and capturing the beauty of God’s creation with photography. There’s a good chance when you first see Margaret, she will have a camera in hand! She often takes pictures and videos of our church events throughout the year. So, say hello and maybe even photobomb one of her shots! She has a good sense of humor and really appreciates a good photobomb!