Children's Director

Karen Levins has a passion for kids and works locally as a music teacher in the Owen J. Roberts School District. Her experience with kids is vast as she has worked with many kids providing both private piano lessons and childcare for families. Karen enjoys using her musical talent to give back to her community when the opportunity arises. That time came during the 2012-13 school year and Karen was thrilled to give back when she taught a short term music class for students in the inner city of Philadelphia. She loves the opportunity to impact kids’ lives and just enjoys being around them. Her tremendous love for kids is evident to all, and especially to the kids who naturally gravitate to her side. Karen wants to see each child from the youngest to the oldest experience the love of Christ in their lives. A few of Karen’s favorite things include, singing, animals, bike riding, playing games, watching movies, and spending time with her husband Michael. You will often see her singing on the TNCC Worship Team with him! Something you may not know about Karen is that she is an accomplished French Horn player and is often asked to play in the UVF (University of Valley Forge) orchestra (her alma mater) for their community concerts.