Lead Pastor / Director of Men's Ministry

Pastor Bob Levins has been involved in ministry for over 30 years since graduating with a Ministerial Degree from UVF. His love of teaching and preaching the Word has led him to many different ministry opportunities across the United States and even worldwide. Pastor Bob’s ministry experience has been varied and has included; drama, preaching throughout the United States, prison ministry, Bible Instructor at Teen Challenge, Home Group Leader, Bible Instructor at the International College of Ministry, Assistant Pastor, varied preaching and teaching trips overseas in Ecuador, Guatemala and southeast Asia. In addition, he has over fifteen years of experience in business management specializing in finance. These secular experiences have given him a unique perspective and understanding as he endeavors to teach Christians important stewardship principles. Pastor’s main passions are to teach the people of God how to study the Word of God and understand the truth contained within its pages, and be able to give a reason for the hope that lives within them. People often remark about Pastor Bob’s ability to take a difficult theological concept and break it down into easy to understand principles. There are many biblical teachers who can understand theological concepts but few who can really explain it in practical, understandable terms showing how it plays out in our everyday Christian walk.  This is truly a gift that has personally enriched the lives of our church members and all who sit under his teaching.   Yet, even with solid biblical teaching, Christians today are faced with many challenges to their faith. Pastor believes that in this day of changing morals, it is imperative that we remain faithful to the truths of God’s Word. While the church should adapt to our evolving society, we must never compromise God’s principles while remaining relevant in the present culture.

Another desire of Pastor Bob is to see Christians realize their full potential in God’s kingdom. Coming from a background of various kinds of abuse and heartache, he understands how these past hurts can derail someone wreaking havoc in our thinking, relationships and even God’s call. Pastor Bob and his wife Margaret understand what it’s like to be in that place of emotional and spiritual pain, after being away from full-time ministry for 20 years to receive healing from the Lord in their lives and marriage. Pastor often acknowledges that it is no accident that God has placed he and his wife in a unique position to minister to those who need spiritual and emotional restoration and renewal. Since coming back into full-time ministry, God has given he and his wife the privilege of helping many others find a place of healing with the Lord. Being a part of that restoration process in other’s lives has been a great source of joy for Pastor Bob.

Our Pastor is a fan of the Yankees and the Cowboys, which gives this congregation a great opportunity for demonstrating forgiveness. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing golf, theological debates and spending time with his family.