Please note that there are two streets that have the name “3rd Ave” within 1 mile of each other. GPS will often give directions to the 3rd Ave. located in Collegeville near the Collegeville Diner. To avoid any confusion, recognize that True North Christian Church is located right off of Route 113–NOT Main St. in Collegeville. We have included our own map below since the regular map view on Google Maps does not show Moore & Snear Funeral Home and the Getty Gas Station at the intersection of Main Street and 3rd Ave (also Rt. 113). GPS also doesn’t show the driveway leading into our church parking lot right after Heritage Park Blvd. In fact, the regular map view on Google Maps will incorrectly tell you to turn onto Heritage Park Blvd to access the church parking lot. You cannot access our parking lot from that road. We hope this makes finding our location a little easier! See you Sunday!