TNCC Ladies @ True North Christian Church
Jan 20 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

When we heard the word hospitality, we think of inviting people over for dinner or staying at our house for a visit. However, it means so much more than that. Someone once said that “Hospitality is about investing in others’ lives and learning how you can best serve those around you.”

Ladies, you’re invited to our first TNCC Ladies meetup of 2018 to hear about the topic of hospitality. Our elder’s wives, Becky Moore and Anita Divaker will be co-teaching on the topic. God has used both Becky and Anita in this area in such beautiful ways and we can learn so much from what they have to say on this topic. Will you join us this Saturday, January 20th starting at 10 am? Bring a friend too! You may say, I’ve never even come to Sunday service or I don’t know anyone there. No worries! We all started out in the same place! Our ladies are so welcoming and would love to meet you! The bonus is that it’s free! Beautiful Christian fellowship, great physical and spiritual food; what can be better than that in this cold weather? Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday!

Margaret Levins

Photo by Ben White